Thursday, August 26, 2010

Experiment I: practicing happiness -- UPDATE

Here's a progress report. I made it through the first two days ok... though I fell alseep both times. I'd decided to start with a 5-minute mindfulness session first, to warm up, and then go for happiness.

It was fine, I suppose, but I wasn't as dedicated as I hoped. I had no routine, being in law school orientation and newly moved in, etc.

Then a whole week passed during which I felt guilty about not meditating, instead of actually doing it. Whoops!

Rather than have a sitting-time deficit intimidating me from ever finishing, I've decided to just start over, and this time I have a little routine going, both for it and in general. I also have a proper chair in my room so that I can sit up straight (instead of sitting poorly on a bed and within moments just lying down).

I find the feeling almost overwhelming, during the meditation. So wonderful! I'll detail my methods a bit later when I feel more prepared to explain them. The carry-over affect has been more subtle than it was when I started, say, mindfulness training, and it's coming through in slightly-unexpected ways.

I'll update again in another week or so.


  1. Wait, so you will yourself into happiness? Huh?!!

  2. Yeah, in a way! It's more like allowing happiness to come play, than forcing it to make an appearance. I'll write something about the process later, still hard to put into words... It has taken years and years to figure out, and I am still not perfect at it, haha!