Monday, July 5, 2010

Thought I'd join the masses

I'm getting my own blog rolling, maybe i will have a blogroll later as well!

A few days ago I flew back to the US, moving back here for "good", though really who knows where I'll be a few years from now -- or even a few days! Whatever. I don't really mind what happens. Or as I told Aussie mate RH, "I'm interested, but I just don't care."

I'm going to get an iPhone, a new one, hopefully today. I'll get a 16GB one. Then I will be up to speed with this modern world I guess I'm living in!

People ask if I'm relieved to be back in the US, or sad to leave Australia, etc. The answer is: not really! But not the opposite either. I'm just excited to be alive, basically! Every day is an adventure with wonderful things happening -- I figure anything can be wonderful given the right mindset. It's my job to find that mindset at every turn.

AND YOUR JOB TOO. You only get the one life. Why bother being miserable, seeing as how you have the option of instead being happy????

Here's a photo of some ├╝ber-fancy food I had a few days before leaving Melbourne, to tide you over.

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